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Cycle Schemes

If you’re a UK employee, Cycle to Work schemes allow you to spread the cost of a new bike and equipment (depending on the provider this can be from £1000 - £5000 in total), by paying in installments taken directly from your wage. The payments are taken out of your gross wage and your Tax & NI contributions are then worked out based on your new lower gross wage, saving you money!

You’ll enter into a hire agreement with your employer, who owns the bike for the period of the agreement. Depending on the provider, at the end of this period, you then have the option of buying your bike or continuing to use it while you work for the company. If you decide to purchase the bike, the balance you owe will be based on a percentage of how much the bike was worth at the time you took out the scheme, this will varies depening on what provider your company uses, contact your company to find out about relevant fees.

With our stores, you’re quite welcome to top up above the value of your voucher, so don’t worry, you’re not restricted in any way. For example, if your dream ride is more than the voucher's value, simply pay the cash difference or finance the balance.

What does the process involve?
  1. 1. Find out what scheme your company uses
  2. 2. Choose your bike and any additional accessories
  3. 3. Reserve your bike by contacting a store that has the bike in stock, or the relevant brand store (e.g. Contact Specialized Norwich for a Specialized bike)
  4. 4. Apply for your voucher (if you haven’t already)
  5. 5. Send your voucher to the relevant store
  6. 6. We refund your deposit (if applicable)
  7. 7. We get the bike ready for collection or shipping
  8. 8. The most important step, you enjoy your new bike!
What items can I get?

You can use your certificate for any adult bike including electric bikes. You can also use your certificate for the majority of clothing, accessories & tools to make your journey safer. For example commuter clothing, shoes & helmets, or vital accessories like mudguards, lights, reflectors, panniers and more. This also includes tools & pumps, locks and commuting backpacks.

Do you apply any fees?

For more information contact any of our stores.

I already have a bike, what can I do?

You don't actually have to use your voucher to buy a bike, you can use the scheme just on accessory upgrades for your current bike, like a faster set of wheels or a digital gear setup.

Can I redeem a voucher online?

Currently only Cycle Scheme's vouchers can be redeemed online. If you would like to use a different voucher on a bike but still want it shipped home just get in contact with any of our stores who hold the bike in stock and they will be able to process them for you.

What schemes do you accept?
gogeta FAQ
gogeta is our preferred cycle-to-work partner. gogeta is not your average tax-free cycling provider, they offer unbeatable value, they have swift easy admin and offer 24/7 support to employers, employees and retailers alike. Visit their site for more information. Thanks to the low cost of accepting gogeta vouchers, we do not include any surcharges, which means gogeta customers enjoy the best savings. In addition to the tax savings, gogeta enables access to sale prices and discounts that are not usually available to Cycle-to-work buyers. Total savings are often in excess of 50% try out the calculator below!