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Bike Fitting

Why a bike fit?

Bike fitting is a procedure which involves a detailed assessment of your skeletal and muscular structure as well as a number of flexibility tests. This allows the fitter to work with you to help you find a comfortable, balanced and efficient position on the bike.

Retül fit is more than just a bike fit - it's a way to learn about your body, the root cause of your aches and pains, and how a proper fit will help you achieve your cycling goals.

Retül uses 3D motion capture technology, where the system accurately measures every degree of movement and millimetre of distance, providing you and our fitter with data to support the choices made during the fit for your cycling equipment and personal riding experience.

Through each step of the process your fitter will guide you through this captured data, advising of any postural changes required in addition to adjusting the Retül Müve fit bike or Watt Bike to get you in your best position. On completion of your fit you will be given a detailed report on all of your personal parameters / body limits. Your fitter will then size your bike to your new position and will advise you of any component changes needed to match your bike to your data. These components can then be fitted in store ready for your next ride.

Efficiency, comfort, support and aerodynamics are all improved, leading to better performance, faster rides and less aches and pains. This is by far the best value for money upgrade you can purchase to improve your riding.

Not sure which bike to get next? A fit is also a great place to start to ensure that you get the correct model and size.

Why have a bike fit with Cycle Revolution and Retül?

We believe in our fitters and their competency to give you the best fit on the bike. Our state of the art, private fit studios give you a unique and exclusive experience like no other.

All of our fits are followed up with a re-evaluation within 3 months. We know that Bike Fitting is a journey and your body is every evolving and adapting, so having a review is key to making sure you have adapted correctly to the change in parameters. This is something that not all fitting studios offer or consider.

Process and Services

Our Bike Fitting Process
  1. Rider interview

    Through this we gain as much info from the rider as possible. Previous injuries, sporting goals, working environment, frequency of riding.
  2. Physical assessment

    To understand a rider's limitations on the bike we go through a series of biomechanical evaluations to put you first, let us make the bike fit you, not the opposite.
  3. Bike Measurement

    We will take specific measurements from your bike to "mimic" your position on our jig. We then begin the analysis process. By positioning several Infared LEDs across key parts of your body we gain a huge understanding of how you currently interact with your bike.
  4. Rider Intervention

    Once we have gained an insight to you current riding position and any discomforts you may have, we can start making changes to your position. Cleat positioning, saddle height and setback are optimised as well as reach and handlebar drop. We will assess optimum handlebar width, crank length, and saddle choice.
  5. Bike setup

    The final process is to compare your original bike sizing to your new optimised sizing and discuss any component changes that may be required to achieve this. Your bike is then passed over to our workshop team who will make the necessary changes.
  6. Please be aware that your fitting will take place in a COVID conscious environment. All surfaces and equipment will be cleaned thoroughly before and after your fitting. If you would like any more reassurance please contact the relevant store.

    Please note: A £100 Deposit is required for your fitting which is non-refundable.

Our Services

Retül Vantage Road Bike Fit


Retül Vantage TT Road Bike Fit


Retül Vantage Mountain Bike Fit


2nd Bike Sizing
Transferring of Fit Data