Deal with whatever the Weather throws at you.

Layering clothing will help you get the best cycling experience in the most unexpected weather conditions. We all know how fickle and changeable the British Weather can be: Look out the window and everything’s fine. Get to the front door ready for a great time on your bike and it’s raining cats & dogs.

When it’s really cold:

Because your extremities will take longer to warm up you’ll need some gloves.

Donut Gloves
Gloves, with donuts on!

A wicking base layer will keep the sweat away from you to keep you warm. So then you will only need a normal cycling jersey and a windproof top of some kind. Don’t rule out the possibility of wearing two synthetic base layers for extremely cold conditions.
Half the battle in the cold is to keep the air at bay. You can get buffs or neck tubes that are really versatile and keep you warm. 
If you’re mountain biking then there are some lovely Altura long tights, which are very popular during the winter months.
If you’re on the road, look for some tight tights, such as running tights and wear them under your normal shorts, or invest in some longer cycling legwear with the padding built-in. Roubaix-style fabric – is a lining that is brushed to a fleece, offering a pile to trap air and so provide adequate insulation. The cold weather is when you’ll really need to master layering clothing.

April Showers.

If it’s lovely and warm but you’re expecting showers, then you might not bother taking a waterproof or showerproof top.
However, if it’s not so warm, then get lightweight water or a showerproof top for those random showers. It will also give you a bit of wind protection if the temperature drops. We also recommend that you wear cycling glasses to stop bugs from getting in your eyes. 
When it’s cold and wet, is probably the hardest situation to deal with clothing-wise. The more waterproof the jacket, the less breathable it is, which means sweat stays under that layer and makes you wet anyway. If it’s really pouring down, you will not stay dry completely, regardless of how waterproof your clothing is, which means you have to focus on regulating the temperature instead. 
Enduras softshell Stealth jacket is a perfect example of the type of modern, all-purpose garment that’s suitable for such conditions.

Orange Jacket
Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
Crisp, dry, sunny days.

Choosing an outer layer for those beautifully crisp, dry days is an easier matter. You focus on wind protection more than anything else. Your core is the most important, so you’ll either be looking at a Gilet, which just covers your core, or a long-sleeve windproof top – both of which are likely to be quite lightweight. Depending on the temperature, you can opt for warmers on your legs too, or go for the full-length bib-tights. 

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