We’ve all been there, where you realise that you’ve fallen out of love with something. You didn’t mean to, it just happened. We love bikes so much that we can’t stand by and allow this to happen. So we want to help you show your bike some love this Valentine’s Day, we want you to love your bike the way it deserves.

Show your two-wheeled companion some tender loving care: tart it up; give it a bath; and shower it with gifts. What better time than February 14th to display this affection? If nothing else, it’s likely to be easier and maybe cheaper than hunting out the best restaurant for a Valentine’s Day meal…

Just the two of you, here’s how to show some love to your special steed this Valentine’s Day.

Go For a Ride!

Perhaps the pair of you aren’t spending as much time together? Winter can be a slow and long grind for many cyclists, providing little motivation to get out on your bike. Enjoy some well-deserved time together and re-kindle your love for the simple pleasure of riding a bike, there is truly nothing like it.

Why not try something different? Add some spice to your lives. Try new roads or lanes that you haven’t cycled on before, just you and your two-wheeled machine under the moonlight, exploring the local landscape and enjoying some real quality time together.

Need some further advice to help ride in colder conditions? Check out our Top Tips here!

Give it a Bath!

We all know the importance of regular maintenance to keep strong relationships functioning, both in the short and long term. Keeping parts fresh and free from rust is key!

Needless to say though, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and forget – or simply choose not to – clean your steed on a regular basis. If you fall into this category, we’re here to help you to get your bike back into tip-top condition!

DIRTY WEEKEND? Perhaps you’ve been the kind of weekend rider who has a fun, dirty time then promptly shoves your mount back in the shed for the next week, or maybe you’re a time-crunched commuter who struggles to find enough time to really show your bike some love. We urge you to set time aside so you can both get all wet and soapy and while you’re at it throw in a clean and re-lube to keep winter abrasives like grit and road salt from damaging your drivetrain.

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Tart it Up!

Dress up for the occasion, as you would do if you were heading out for an evening meal. Think about dressing your bike up a touch, and it may be a small thing but nothing quite beats a fresh roll of bar tape for that quick and easy makeover.

Even under gloves, the feel of fresh tape on the handlebars can make a big difference. And it’s not just about practical reasons like better grip and comfort, new tape on a clean bike just looks so good. Why not take her out for a spin to show off her new look?

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Treat your Bike to a Gift!

You know that sometimes you don’t feel like going out together, might be you’re stuck in a rut, or perhaps you feel like your steed is looking somewhat drab and unloved.
There are many ways to spruce up your beloved steed, such as a drivetrain overhaul to aid efficiency, an upgraded chainset for some bling, or even new wheels to really speed things up.

Take the plunge this Valentine’s and treat your love to a new lease of life.

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