James our resident bike nerd wants to share his love of cycling with you. We’ve given him a space here to take you through some of his cycling picks to keep you ahead of the pack. We’ve restricted him to 5 because otherwise, this blog would go on forever. Take it from here James…

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This month features items that will keep you warm while riding outside when the Celsius drops and keep you cool if you’re riding indoors, amongst other accessories and necessities.

Ensuring your drivetrain is running smoothly is vital at any time of the year but with an increase in contaminants in the winter period, lubricating your chain becomes of utmost importance. But are you using the correct type? Wet, dry, all-condition, wax, e-bike, ceramic… there’s a whole host of styles to suit pretty much any condition or riding style you can think of.

Our top pick would be the All-Condition Lube from Muc-Off. Engineered to have a proprietary blend of additives ensuring a perfect combination of water repellency, anti-corrosion properties, and deep penetrating lubrication for all riding types!

This one is for all the nerds out there. If you want to take your lube game one step further, then waxing is the way to go. Waxing reduces mechanical drag, increases drivetrain life, and lasts longer between applications. The Silca Wax Starter pack packs all the benefits of waxing a chain, with none of the faff. Suitable for all-year-round use, you’ll never go back to standard lube once you’ve gone wax.

A topic we’ve covered in depth in one of our recent blogs is the humble turbo trainer jersey. This particular one from Madison offers all the anatomical comfort you would expect in a cycling jersey but with a supremely breathable fabric. Lifting moisture away from your body is key to keeping you cool when training in hot environments, this jersey helps with all of that. Aimed specifically at the indoor rider, keep your cool when pedalling in your pain cave this winter with the Madison Turbo Short Sleeve Jersey.

If you’re a deep winter rider, who gets out in the lanes or singletrack regardless of what the Celsius is, a thermal-regulated bottle is a must. Actually designed to help keep your water cool in hot and humid conditions, the Podium Chill collection from Camelbak can also keep water at tap temperature when outside is cold and frosty. There’s nothing worse than taking a swig of your bottle to discover your water is starting to crystalise when you’ve been out battling the elements for too long!

A staple in any connoisseur’s winter wardrobe is the Endura FS260 Windchill Jacket. With the ability to layer up your baselayer underneath depending on the outside temperature, the Windchill jacket from Endura offers supreme wind-blocking capabilities. Ideal for any type of riding, wind is always a factor when riding on the road in the winter. Cold, icy air can cut through poor-quality materials like a hot knife through butter, so ensuring you’re well-equipped with suitable clothing whilst out on the road ensures the most enjoyable riding experience possible!

Are you an all-year-round commuter? Gloves that are warm and aid visibility pretty much tick all the boxes you could want. Altura Nightvision Insulated Waterproof Gloves are just the ticket, offering filled insulation, a close fit, and that all-important hi-viz reflectivity. Not just this, they also come with 8K waterproof rating and a high cuff to make these mittens a winter commute necessity.

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