The British Gravel Championships concluded this past weekend in Kings Forest, just outside of Bury St Edmunds. A weekend-long festival of gravel-inspired racing that saw plenty of sunshine and a gluttony of great racing. In inspiration of the championships, we thought what better way than to showcase to you, our Top 5 Gravel Bikes.

From the epitome of gravel racing all the way through to the humble midweek commute, gravel bikes offer a myriad of riding possibilities mixing on-road speed with off-road capability. Gravel bikes are designed to handle various terrains, including gravel roads, dirt paths, and of course pavement. This versatility allows riders to explore a wider range of routes, cover greater distances, and access areas that may not be suitable for traditional road bikes or overkill for mountain bikes.

Our Top 5 Gravel Bikes list aims to bring a bit of everything to the rider, from a race-ready machine to an all-weekend gravel grinder! Read on to discover more, and maybe you’ll find your next, or first, gravel bike out of the options below.

Scott Addict Gravel

The Scott Addict Gravel 10 will get you wherever you’re going, no matter what the trail throws at you. More progressive, more control, and more mounts mean this adventure-ready machine is your ticket to getting out there. Find yourself, and then get lost.

Scott Addict Gravel 10, £4,929.00

Scott left nothing to chance when designing their Addict Gravel range, with the day-one task of creating the ultimate gravel bike for racing and adventuring. A tough bill to live up to but Scott seems to have achieved it with sleek lines, incredible capability, responsive handling, and impressive levels of compliance. If you’re looking for a do-it-all gravel bike, from race day to multi-day adventures, the Addict Gravel may well be your ticket to ride.

Liv Devote Advanced

Whether you’re a backpacking enthusiast, gravel grinder, or simply seeking everyday adventure rides or group trekking experiences, the Devote Advanced is the perfect companion to ignite your passion for exploring the backcountry.

Liv Devote Advanced 1, £3399

This range of gravel bikes from women-specific brand Liv, offers all-around capability configured in a package suitable to the female rider. All Liv bikes are designed with female riders in mind, and the brand uses data from its research and Body Dimension Database to build bikes that are much more women-friendly.  If you’re looking for a bike that will handle a lot of different types of riding then this could be the one for you. It’s a straightforward workhorse to live up to anything you throw at it!

Specialized Diverge STR

Experience unmatched compliance and performance with the revolutionary Future Shock suspension system on the new Diverge STR. Unlike traditional bike suspensions, Future Shock suspends the rider instead of the bike, resulting in exceptional control, improved efficiency, and reduced fatigue for an unparalleled riding experience.

Specialized Diverge STR Expert, £5399

With future shock front AND rear, the Diverge STR can truly take you down the roughest tracks and steepest terrain. Ample carrying storage paired with significant tyre clearance gives everything you need to trek down the roads less travelled over a multi-day gravel bike packing trip. So if you’re after adventure, the Diverge STR has you covered and some.

Cannondale Topstone

Embark on exciting adventures and explore unexplored paths with the Cannondale Topstone. With its wide range of gears, rugged frame, and comfortable geometry, this bike is ideal for conquering dirt roads, gravel paths, and various terrains with ease.

Cannondale Topstone 1, £2200

An alloy gravel bike to end all alloy gravel bikes. The Cannondale Topstone is constructed from premium alloy to provide a robust and rugged frame, capable of taking you further than you thought possible. Fancy chucking on some 650b MTB tyres, for a weekend gravel extravaganza? The topstone can do it with ease. Putting on some pannier racks for the midweek commute? No drama, this bike takes it all in its stride.

Cervelo R5 CX

The R5CX Force eTap AXS draws from the performance and design of the R5, but with unique handling and fit inspired by Wout and Marianne, the R5CX Force eTap AXS is the ultimate machine for the modern cyclocross racer.

Cervelo R5 CX Force AXS, £8500

A race-winning machine in the cyclocross world, the R5 CX can equally be at home on fast-rolling gravel and twisty single track. No racks or packs can be found here, but what it lacks in carrying capacity it makes up for in responsiveness and speed. If you think of a gravel race as an extended cyclo-cross race, then it makes total sense why this rig can rip up short to medium-distance gravel races!

The world of gravel bikes is a lot bigger than the list we have here. We didn’t even get to touch on electric gravel bikes, although you may see more on that soon! To shop our full range of gravel bikes on offer, from all of the brands we stock, click on the link below!