We promise to make New Bike Day the best day you’ve ever had. How?

Here at Cycle Revolution we now offer our own White Glove Delivery Service for all bikes, no matter size or style, bought from our store. We’re bringing our famed store level service to your front door.

Our premium, personal delivery service ensures your New Bike Day goes without a hitch; your bike’s fully built in our fully equipped workshop by accredited mechanics, tested and when they’re happy with it: carefully loaded onto our own van and transported with the utmost care. Because we love bikes as much as you do!

We look after the small details and take care of your pride and joy like it was our own, so your New Bike Day is worry-free. Once you’ve chosen your next ride we’ll contact you for an informal chat so we can talk you through the process and give you an ETA for your bike.

We’ll try to gather enough rider information so we can set up your bike for you. We’ll use what you tell us to tailor your bike to you, set up the suspension, saddle height etc. We can then select any personal touches you may wish to add.

Once it’s built and we’re happy we’ll contact you to arrange a more defined time window for delivery. It will then be carefully packed into a van that has been specially adapted for this very purpose and transported carefully to your door.

Once we arrive your New Bike Day can start. Our trained handover technician will not only hand deliver it, but he’ll also take the time to walk you through anything you want to know about your new steed. He’ll even be able to fine-tune the fit so that your new steed fits you like a glove. You’ll be able to have a little test ride too, to rubber stamp any changes that you may wish to be made.

And there’ll be nothing for you to dispose of. At all. We’ll do that for you.
So all you have to worry about is where you’re going to take your new bike.

It’s that simple: Find your bike, order it, and sit back and wait. We’ll do the rest.
New Bike Day just got better! Premium Cycle Revolution Delivery: It’s from our store to your door.