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    Why consider an eBike
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    Why consider an eBike

    An Electrically Assisted Bicycle is an effective and efficient way to simply have more fun when out riding. From getting you back into cycling, keeping up with friends and partners alike or perhaps riding the route to work, they can realise both improved mobility and fitness.

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    As an eBike specialist, we sell brilliantly engineered bicycles from some of the worlds leading brands. Their intended uses now span across all age groups, all terrains and abilities. Below are some of the most popular reasons why eBikes have liberated more cyclists than any other type of bike:

    • Simply riding further or faster when a busy lifestyle allows only a few hours to ride
    • The complete freedom you receive when you take a couple of eBikes in a camper van and use them as transport when a destination is found. No matter how many hills greet you.
    • Helping couples, families and groups ride together where a slower rider may otherwise struggle to maintain a certain speed with others
    • Those tricky off road climbs and technical challenges become conquerable in all weathers, where the added torque will amaze you with what rider and bike can tackle
    • Recovering from injuries and building strength back into broken bodies become possible
    • Improving the fitness and aiding weight-loss to those who would otherwise struggle with more impactful sports such as running

    Use our Demo fleets

    Come in store and take a test ride or two - take off into the future and you will see just why they are the biggest growing sector in the cycle industry. We'll find a solution to match your desire to enjoy and perhaps re-ignite the passion for riding. Trust us, you won't want to give it back!

    Use our technical knowledge

    Our workshops are Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano trained. Not only can we navigate you though the various options, we'll do our best to keep your bicycles on the road


    What is so great about Ebikes

    All our eBikes can be personalised to suit the rider and their intended use far more than you might otherwise think. Use our experience to tailor your riding and put a massive smile on your face. You'll never be limited again.

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    Adjust the level of goooo...

    All our eBikes have adjustable assistance, so depending on the terrain, fitness of the rider or the distance you're travelling, you can adjust the motor whilst you ride. Range indicators on the bikes mean you may never run out of battery life half way home. On some select models, we can even tune the diagnostics to alter the torque curve and the riding characteristics!

    Mountain bikers rejoice...

    80nm of torque between your legs can give you up to 300% extra assistance for 'them pesky hills'. Got a weekend booked in Wales but not looking forward to the climbs to the top of the mountain? No problem. Relish the climbs, to live for the descents on a bike that handles like a proper mountain bike should. Chose a larger battery for all day riding.

    Touring cyclists arrive at the pub without breaking a sweat...

    Load your eBike with luggage for all eventualities and the weight disappears. Our eBikes have brilliant hydraulic brakes with stronger wheels and components, so the type of use that might otherwise cause reliability issues isn't an issue any-more.

    Commuters ride safer and become part of the traffic...

    Get to work fresh having kept up with traffic on a bike that's strong enough despite the potholes and angry bus drivers. With the option of removing it from the bike, charge your eBike's Lithium Ion battery at work until full in just 3.5 hours, whenever you want.

    Couples can actually ride together without the arguments...

    Most keen cyclists would love to ride with their significant other, so invest in an eBike for them and all of a sudden you can both average 15mph. No more pushing them up hills - making for more smiles and happier riding time together.


    Electric Bike Systems

    We specifically stock mostly Crank Drive motor systems. We find that they are superior to most, cheaper, hub drive versions. These are built for efficiency, range and a very natural and enjoyable ride

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    Within our range we have 5 main systems - Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano Steps, Specialized Brose and Giant SyncDrive.

    Let's get to grips with a little on each

    Select a system:

  • Featuring the Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX Motors. Bosch are currently one of the biggest eBike motor manufacturers in the world. This system comes fitted to all of our Cube eBikes and a good few of our Trek eBike Range too.

    The Active line motors have been designed to give you a smoother ride, and are ideal for use around the city and hilly country lanes and cycle path.

    The Performance line motors are specifically designed for more sporty use - primarily on eMTB bikes - for that extra kick up the steepest of gradients.

    You can have a 300Watt, 400Watt or 500Watt battery capacity and the choice of three different head unit styles, with the Nyon being the range topper.

    Featuring the PWSeries, PWSeries SE and PW-X Motors. Currently fitted to all of our HaiBike range - an Electric specific brand. Yamaha have shown their capability to create one of the most powerful motors out there, whilst delivering its power in a very efficient package.

    The PWSeries is designed for a smoother ride, whilst still having plenty of power for basic trails. The PW-X is then the slimmed down, all powerful eMountain Bike Specific motor, designed to get you smiling from ear to ear.

    This system can come with a 400Watt or 500Watt battery.

    Featuring the Shimano Steps City/Trekking E6000 and the Shimano Steps MTB E8000 motors - doing exactly what they say on the tin.

    Shimano have created one of the most compact and powerful eBike motors available today. This makes the bikes equipped with this system seem and feel really natural.

    These are featured on a good few of the Trek eBikes in our range.

    The batteries available are 418Watt and 504Watt - giving you plenty of distance to get where your going. The use of the Di2 MTB Screen and shift levers for the eBike control is just the icing on the cake.

    Specialized are now on the 1.3 variation of their world class motors. All the Specialized motors have the same internals but come with tunable ride styles and power curves within the app itself.

    Brose have worked very closely with Specialized to create something truly unique - an extremely smooth electric motor package. This package is obviously exclusive to Specialized eBikes

    The motors themselves have 0 friction when you are pedalling un-assisted or free-wheel. The same cannot be said for the other motors manufacturers. This leads to the Specialized eBikes feeling the most attuned to riding a normal bike.

    Specialized supply a 504Watt Battery in a few different shape variations to fit their frames - these have a similar range to other brands and have been tested literally everywhere.

    Featuring the SyncDrive Life, SyncDrive Sport and Sync Drive Pro Motors. These are quite obviously fitted exclusively to every Giant eBike.

    The SyncDrive Life was design for the city cruiser - The SyncDrive Sport for the light trail and varied terrain rider - and the SyncDrive Pro for the toughest of mountain bikers.

    As Giant have developed the motor and battery system themselves, it can integrate seamlessly with their frames. Making for some of the sleekest and most professional looking eBikes on the planet.

    The Giant Energypak's (batteries) are available in 300Watt, 400Watt and 500Watt variations - with the majority being seamlessly encased into the bike frame itself. They have to be seen to be believed.


    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who are eBikes for?

    Electric bikes are designed for almost every type of person for many different purposes. It's up to you to decide what is most important to you and what is not important at all. There are so many models available with us, so first you should figure out where you're going to be riding your eBike most frequently.

    Are eBikes cheating?

    No! Sure, you might start picking up nicknames like 'Lance', but they don't know what E-bikes are capable of; and knowledge is 'Power'. If having this much fun, on a cool new toy is cheating, then I will accept the criticism! Twice as Far, Twice as fast, Twice as fun... they will be the ones missing out.

    But aren't E-bikes expensive to buy?

    Good e-bikes are not cheap in terms of bicycles, but are seriously cheap as a form of transport and fun. You can pick up a very basic machine for £500 from some places, but these are not real eBikes, and they will not give you the same joy and usability of a more sophisticated system. High-performance e-bikes, with light frames, high-capacity batteries and smart control electronics cost between £1300 and £13000; But these bikes are built to last.

    It can actually save you money if you use it instead of a car:

    The average cost to run a car per year: £1509.27

    The average cost to run an E-bike per year: £4.95

    This is based on the prices of Tax, insurance, MOT, Fuel and an average mileage of 3300miles - which is more than accomplish-able on an eBike! This excludes maintenance, but a chain is a lot cheaper than a car service!

    We can also help you with Finance arrangements, Cycle-scheme (saving you up to 39%) and salary sacrifice. As well as including free tune-ups for two years.

    How fast can an eBike go?

    All electric bikes are restricted to 25kph (15.5mph). Above this the electric motor will cut out. However the bike will still be ride-able above this speed.

    De-restriction is possible - but is allowed for private land use only- this then removes any caps, meaning you can easily cruise at 25mph+.

    Top speed we have reached is 36mph - On a mountain eBike, which is Seriously fast!

    Where can I take my new eBike?

    Simply everywhere you can a normal bike. No restrictions.

    How much power are we talking?

    250watts of assistance from the biggest motor. This sees you flying literally everywhere. They can hold you at 80NM of torque too. That's enough for 15.5mph up a 25% gradient

    How do the assistance levels work?

    You can usually choose how much help the motor provides, typically in three or four increments. Choosing your assist level helps control the bike's range, as mentioned above. It also gives you the choice of just how much effort you want to put in. If you're riding for exercise and want a bit of help on the hills, use the minimum setting. Feeling extra tired? Dial it up to maximum and blow serious roadies away on the hills.

    More sophisticated eBikes also have a 'walk' mode that means you don't need to push the bike along yourself, especially useful if you need to get it up a ramp or walk up a hill with a loaded bike.

    So, why wouldn't I?

    You have to plug it in when you get home, it weighs more than a standard bike and you have to maintain it - just as you would your normal bike.

    And those really are the only downsides (if you could even call them that!)


    Explore the eBike Range

    Now you're ready to start the search for that next level of riding fun - or even - begin your journey back into cycling. Have a look through the different types of eBikes that are on offer, so you can find yours

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    So you now know everything you need to about eBikes and the capability they have to transform normal riding. All that's left to do is test ride

    See our locations and contact a store to arrange the next step

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