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Bike Hire


Road Bike

Day 1 £60
Every Day after £40


Mountain Bike

Day 1 £70
Every Day after £50


E-Bike Bike

Day 1 £80
Every Day after £60

Bike rental and hire from Cycle Revolution and its associated stores is a way for you to test some of the latest and greatest models on the market for a real world day or weekend. Get our bikes muddy by thrashing them through the trails, test their speed over twisty tarmac roads or demo an electric bike to really see their potential.

We hire our bikes out for use at specific events, charity rides, or just for you to try something new. You can use them for a weekend, a number of days or a week. The possibilities are endless.

If you decide that you have found the right bike for you through a hire, we will also wave the first day hire charge when you purchase from us.

Why don't you book one out now?

So when is the standard day hire to and from?

The pick up time is 9-11am on the first day, with the bike returned to us by 11am the next day. You can always return early if needed

Whats the maximum time I can hire a bike?

Officially it is 5 days, however please contact us for a longer booking

What happens if I purchase a bike in the same style from you after my demo?

We will take the value of the first day of hire off of the price of your new bike

Will I be sized up when I come in?

Yes, we will adjust the bike to suit you as best we can before it goes out the door. If you are un-sure on size, please call us

Can I hire an electric bike?

Of course! We would really recommend it! Nothing is quite like going twice as far, twice fast and having twice as much fun. See why you should demo and e-Bike HERE

Can I extend my hire period?

Yes, please call us and if there is the availability, we will happily do so.

What happens if I damage the bike?

Please call us and we can advise you further on what to do next

Do I have to leave a deposit?

Yes you do, this is a £500 refundable deposit which is returned in full once the bike has been inspected

Can I see the full hire agreement?

Yes, please contact us and we can send you one

Does the bike I hire come with pedals?

All of our bikes will come supplied with standard flat pedals. If you wish to use clipin pedals, you must bring your own which can be fitted to the bike. Just don't forget your shoes!

You can hire bikes from any of our store locations across East-Anglia. We hope to see you in soon.

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