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Words by George Shipman

on 31/07/2018 14:55:20

We believe in spreading our passion. If you support your local independent bike shop, we will support you:


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When you buy a bike from Cycle-Revolution or from any of our associated stores, you are entitled to our customer rewards package:


Any person that ventures into one of our stores is valued and we want you to feel at home and feel our passion for cycling, fitness and general well-being. We are in the bike industry because we love it, so if we can impart this onto our customers, then we feel like we are improving lives and making that small but very positive difference. The rewards package is designed to help you feel the value of our service and show you that helping our customers is why we are in this industry in the first place. Below, let me explain what is contained within our rewards package:

  • Every bike needs looking after, needing a quick tweak now in then to keep it at optimum performance. That’s why we include 2 years free tune ups with every new bike purchase; if your gears go out of alignment or your brakes don’t stop you efficiently, then we have you covered.
  • If you’re new to cycling or even already an avid enthusiast, you will need certain items that will get you out of trouble and make your experience more enjoyable. That’s why we will give you 15% off any accessories purchased with the bike.
  • We have also thought about your future purchases: Any full price item you buy in-store which is set against your account will automatically gain 2% of the value back in customer rewards points. These can be used in-store or online for your next purchase, because we know you’ll need something along your journey.
  • Theft and accidental damage is an unfortunate but sometimes un-avoidable fact of life. We wish to protect you from this with our 14 day free bike insurance. It does what it says on the tin with no obligation and automatic policy conclusion (just don’t forget the lock).
  • Sizing and basic ‘fit’ is something we do very quickly for every customer, but we wish to give you that first class one to one service. That’s why our road bikes come with a free bike sizing by appointment where we can suggest changes and adjust things that will obviously inhibit your performance.
  • You will also be offered 25% off the full Retul Bike Fit or the Giant Powerfit. With this 3-4hour process undertaken, the outcome will ensure that you are as comfortable and as efficient as you could possibly be, letting you enjoy the ride and reach your full potential.

What are you waiting for? We look forward to seeing you in-store.



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The Cycle Revolution Team


Tune ups are limited to 8 per year and exclude any extra labour, parts, lubrication etc. that may be needed. You will always be quoted before we go ahead. Some items are excluded from the 15% accessories reduction. Sale items and Cycle-scheme is excluded for customer rewards. You must sign up to our 14 day free insurance. Bike sizing is subject to availability and bookings are managed by us. Retul/powerfit discount only applies at the point of bike sale or within the first 6 months of owning the bike.

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