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Why would you purchase your son or daughter a bike from our stores?

Words by Team Revolution

on 10/11/2020 16:01:00

There are some advantages that you should know about:


Quality, long lasting products:

We stock the three biggest bike manufacturers in the world: Specialized, Giant & Trek, as well as Whyte, Pinarello, Cannondale, BMC & many more. Why do we only stock the biggest? Well, because they are the best. We are all about bikes that can potentially last a lifetime and be the best possible fun on two wheels.

Everything works, all of the time:

Sticky, hard to twist shifters are a rarity in our stores, the manufacturers we deal with use click shifters, great quality MTB derailleurs & gearing. This means the bike will always shift and won’t distract from the riding experience. The brakes are also of only the best quality, with good quality pads, anti-rust cables and light action. We pride ourselves on the fact that your kids will not struggle with our bikes, meaning they’ll only get the best experience.


Built by our CyTech qualified mechanics, you can be assured that only the best workmanship is provided by our team. A half day bike building course, which some of our competitors use to ‘qualify’ their builders (we have experienced this first hand), is of no comparison in safety compared to our builders 2-week intensive course on bike building & mechanics. What’s more, all of our builders have had extensive experience too, which shows that your child’s safety is as important to us as it is to you.

Peace of mind:

Your child’s bike cables will stretch, meaning the gears will start to get sloppy over a long period of time, even we can’t stop this from occurring. With all of our new bikes, we include 2 years of tune-ups without you having to pay a penny.  So, when those cables do stretch, book the bike in for its free of charge adjustment – we will also carry out a full safety check whilst we are at it. As we say, we take safety and maintenance extremely seriously. 

Discover Our Giant Kids Bike Range

Second hand value:

Think the bikes that we sell are still too expensive? We completely get that they aren’t the cheapest, but have you thought about the long run? You may spend more have to spend more than some of our competitors’ initially, but when your child out grows their bike from us, you’ll be able to re-sell it for a decent value, rather than having to take a trip to the tip. In the long run, these bikes actually cost you the same amount, but your child gets a much, much better experience. We also trade-in bikes against a new purchase, so we can also take away the unnecessary hassle.

Paint finish:

This is a child’s bike, it’s going to get dropped, it’s going to be leant against a wall, it’s going to be crashed but our bikes will still look like bikes at the end of it. Our brands paint our bikes correctly, with a great quality paint & lacquer. We are not saying our brands bikes won’t ever chip, but your child will have to do a much better job to damage their bike.


Lifetime frame warranty? Who offers that on a kid’s bike? Well, our brands do. Any faults with the frame are covered for the life of the bike for the original purchaser. All paint & components are also covered under warranty for 2 years too. Obviously normal wear & tear exclusions apply, but you can be sure that the bike is going to be strong for the future regardless of your child’s many adventures.

Potential for more:

Why would you purchase a bike from us? The bottom line is that as well as the amazing reasons above, your child is going to enjoy the riding experience much more; they’ll want to get on their bikes, they’ll want to go outside in the fresh air & they’ll have a much better lifestyle because of it. It’s already tough enough for kids with all of the technology and social media being pushed on them, so give them the opportunity for more. They could be Britain’s next Gold medal winner or World Champion. The potential is endless!


Reserve for Christmas:

Remember the new bike you got that one particular Christmas? Or that one Christmas you wish you had received that perfect gift? Well, we will hold this perfect Christmas present until the 23rd December so your children can have that memory too. Secure their Christmas early!  We will have their special present built and safety checked ready for your collection – all you will have to do is add the bow!

Visit our stores:
With 5 stores across East-Anglia, come and let your kids test ride a new bike, our sales staff can help them take their first pedal or inspire them to become a rider. We are here to help and can offer you more than anyone else (why not take a look at our rewards package).

So there you go, hopefully you now have a bit of extra insight into why you should purchase a excellent quality kids bike:

The Cycle Revolution Team.
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