Wednesday Night Shop Rides–Colchester

Words by George Shipman

on 21/03/2018 15:36:54

A regular Wednesday weekly ride that will help keep you cycling, get quicker, meet new people and learn all you need to know


Shop Rides Are on



We want people to have a place to come and ride regularly that will help their cycling and be a fun environment. We will also help you gain the speeds and skills necessary to be a competent rider. There are a few different rides for both Road and Mountain bike, which are designed to be progressive and entertaining.

Our rides are not intended to be for the absolute beginner, we can recommend other groups for that purpose. If you wish to push your riding to the next level and have been riding for a good few months, then we are the ideal next step.


Road – 26miles:

The Road rides are run by George, the Marketing and EPOS Manager in Revolution

18mph Average group

20.5mph Average group


To participate in our Road rides you must:

  • Wear a helmet at all times
  • Use lights for the beginning and the end of the season
  • Be able to complete a solo ride at 17mph for the slower group and 18.5mph for the faster group
  • Follow the instructions of ride leaders
  • Not ride dangerously
  • Have a fully working bike that has two brakes and is not a TT bike
  • Mudguards are not necessary
  • Use us as your bike shop forever (Optional Winking smile)

Water and nutrition is advised. These can be bought before the ride in-store!


    Mountain Bike – 15-20miles:

    The Mountain Bike ride is run by Joe, a member of our workshop team.

    We ride section by section, to ensure nobody is left behind.


    To participate in our MTB rides you must:

    • Wear a helmet at all times whilst riding (Other protective gear such as gloves and pads are strongly advised!)
    • Use bright lights (min. 400 Lumens) – at the beginning and the end of the season, our rides will be concluded in the DARK
    • Come prepared, bringing inner-tubes a pump and any other equipment that is needed to get you home. You’ll be responsible for sorting your own bike
    • Demonstrate competency in off-road riding and tackling obstacles/trail features – for your own safety!
    • Follow the instructions of ride leader(s)
    • Ride safely in a group, being mindful of sudden direction changes, surface changes and braking distances
    • Have a safe and fully operational mountain bike. Front and rear brakes are mandatory
    • Use us as your bike shop forever (Optional Winking smile)

    Water and nutrition is advised. These can be bought before the ride in-store!



    Wednesday Nights: Meet @ 5.55pm sharp – Setting off for 6:05pm

    We aim to be back on both the rides by the latest of 8pm (generally around 7:45pm). This is obviously subject to change if there are any mechanicals or further issues.



    Cycle Revolution for the Mountain Bike Rides  and  Cycle Evolution for the Road Bike rides:


    Frequently asked questions:


    • I’m not sure I will be fast enough or skilled enough to come along, can I still try?
      • Please message George ( or 01206 764545) and he will be able to help eliminate any worry – We are still a friendly ride, but don’t wish for you to feel you are holding everyone up

    • I’ve never ridden in a group before, can I come?
      • Yes! This is the ideal place to learn group riding. We will be able to help you along the way and will ensure you can pick it up quickly

    • Are the routes really hilly or quite flat?
      • The route for the Road cyclists is undulating but by no means hilly, it is designed to be a fast route. The mountain bike route does have a lot of ups and downs and is 85% off road but there are no really long climbs or majorly technical descents.

    • Is the ride still on if the weather is going to be bad?
      • We try to ride through all conditions no matter how tough. However keep an eye on our Facebook Page HERE as there will be an update or call 01206 764545

    • My bike is very basic and I’m not sure if it will cope, what should I do?
      • Simply bring your bike into store 30 minutes before the ride is due to start and we can assess it for you.

    • Can I bring my friends along?
      • Yes, in fact, you must. The more people that come along the better, the groups will just be split out further if we get too many riders


    We hope to see you there ready for action – If you are unsure and would like further information, please email George at 


    If you Yet to have a ROAD bike or a MOUNTAIN bike, click the links to find one!


    Happy Riding! The Cycle Revolution Team

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