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Turbo or not turbo? (Indoor Turbo Training)

Words by Team Revolution on 09/11/2021 12:40:00


A question I often asked myself.

I am relatively new to the indoor training concept, having always maintained a view of “get on your bike and ride!”
The concept of a static bike to me was at best, a means to warm up before a gym session.

The turbo became a staple part of my life during rehabilitation following a major operation.
The fact I could hobble into the room where my road bike was attached to the Wahoo Kickr, pull myself over the cross bar unceremoniously and ride was next level.
I could stop when I wanted/needed and fall off in the comfort of my own house.
The way the system is quiet and simple to set up (technical dinosaur me) was attractive.

I now see it as an important part of my whole cycling concept.
Whatever training platform you chose to use, great bang for your buck is achieved.
An hour session is an hour, no traffic or junctions. No flats or red lights. And dare I say it, no weather.
Add the smart fan that increases with your heart rate (I know!)
A Kickr climb addition to the front that tilts the bike to replicate that alpine pain percentage and your set.
Add a dash of music (80’s please).
And…nirvana is reached.

It won’t ever beat that Sunday sunrise as you solo across the reservoir or clinging to the drops as you plummet down the Tourmalet.
But those sessions on the Kickr will certainly add to the mix.

Dano – Evo Store.

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